Triple A Club

The Triple A Club supports a number of student activities at Reno High School including Safe and Soberís Senior Grad Night, the Junior Interview Project, and the Senior Class Fashion Show. The Triple A Club also provides Hospitality services for Faculty get-togethers, Open House, Scholarship Convocation and other school functions.

The Triple A Club coordinates parent volunteers for the school office, library, registration help, the membership drive and one-time only projects. Volunteers can help out as chaperones for special events and dances such as Junior and Senior Prom.

Money raised through the Membership Drive is used to support school activities such as student council, debate, band, drama, athletics, the school newspaper, and the yearbook. The Triple A Club awards scholarships to outstanding Seniors each year, and last year The Triple A Club purchased two mobile laptop carts with wireless capability for use in classrooms.

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