Student Services :: Tardy Policy

Each time a student is tardy to class, the teacher must interrupt the flow of teaching to change the attendance screen on the computer to comply with Washoe County School District attendance-keeping requirements. The student's late entry, together with the interruption of teaching, constitutes a "classroom disruption," especially if that tardiness becomes habitual.

To encourage students to arrive on time to class, five minutes have been scheduled for hall passing. This is adequate time for reaching each classroom on campus. Consequently, when tardiness occurs, the citizenship grading scale will be affected. These consequences apply for a semester, and the teacher has the option to raise the citizenship grade when a student shows improvement:

One tardy Grade of "A"
Two or three tardies No grade higher than "B"
Four or five tardies No grade higher than "C"
Six or more tardies No grade higher than "D"

Tardy Policy & Detention Procedures (Per Semester)

Violation Consequence
3rd tardy Communication from teacher to parent via email, postcard or phone call.
6th tardy Referral to Discipline Office (teachers do not assign detention). Tardy homework packet will be sent home to be completed and signed by parent. Phone call home.
7th - 9th tardy Referral to Discipline Office. Consequences may include but are not limited to After School Work Crew (Tues. and Thurs. 2:30-3:00), School Beautification Project (SBP) lunchtime trash clean up.
10th - 13th tardy Saturday School 8:30am - 10:30am once a month.
14th and above tardy Administrative Decision.